New screencast on how to set up a VPN with eBox Platform

We’re glad to announce that we’ve put together a screencast on how to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with eBox Platform. The screencast shows step-by-step how to create and configure a Certification Authority (CA), user certificates, a VPN server and the clients with eBox.

Together with the official documentation regarding VPN set up you should be able to allow secure access to the corporate network to remote users and secure interconnection of geographically distant networks.

You can also find interesting the screencast on Basic Network Configuration or if you are a professional eBox user, the screencast on eBox Control Center. You can also view the screencasts at YouTube:
Setting up a VPN with eBox Platform
Basic Network Configuration with eBox Platform
eBox Control Center

Update (30-12-2009)
As some users were having trouble watching on-line videos, we have now uploaded the screencasts files for download at

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