New version of eBox Control Center allows complete outsourcing of network installations

eBox Technologies announced today a new version of the eBox Control Center, a subscription-based tool that allows centralized real-time monitoring and administration of multiple eBox Platform installations. The new enhancements are designed to provide eBox Partners and Resellers with all the services they need to carry out complete outsourcing of their customers’ network installations.

“Perhaps the single most important improvement is the feature that allows users to generate fully-customized reports regarding the use of different network services in different eBox installations” said Enrique Hern├índez, eBox Control Center lead developer at eBox Technologies. “These reports include information such as categorized HTTP proxy traffic, number and type of security attacks prevented, mail statistics, viruses and spam filtered, etc.”

“When you outsource customers’ network infrastructure and you do it well, it is easy for the customer not to see the value you are providing on daily basis. These reports help eBox partners to inform their customers regularly on their system health, issues they have taken care of, preventing network problems, etc.”

In addition, eBox Control Center now allows multiple users from the same organization to manage eBox installations, bulk software upgrades of eBox components and periodical Job execution. Number of user interface and usability improvements have also taken place: module status chart and eBox Support Platform tickets are now shown in the Dashboard, making it easy to pinpoint quickly the most important network management tasks and track progress of the reported issues.

eBox Control Center Features

  • eBox groups administration: multiple machine security updates and tasks automation.
  • Remote configuration backup of each eBox Platform installation.
  • Network monitoring: alerts on events and graphics of storage, temperature, load, CPU, memory use, etc. of each eBox Platform and groups of eBox Platform installations.
  • Remote centralized and secure access: access all of your eBox Platform installations, through one centralized web based interface.
  • Full list of new improvements

  • Customized reports (starting from eBox Platform 1.3.).
  • Simultaneous log in by multiple users from the same organization.
  • Module status chart in the Dashboard: easy view of the status of eBox services.
  • Alert status: Include status (New, Assigned, Resolved).
  • Bulk software upgrade of eBox components.
  • Cron Job execution: Run periodically jobs from eBox Control Center to your eBoxes.
  • eBox Support Platform tickets in the Dashboard.
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