New version of Zentyal Cloud (former eBox Control Center) now available

The Development Team of Zentyal announced today a new version of Zentyal Cloud, previously known as eBox Control Center. Zentyal Cloud, built on top of the Zentyal Linux small business server, offers cloud-based services that allow to keep Zentyal servers always up to date and secured. Moreover, Zentyal Cloud also enables the users to manage multiple Zentyal servers remotely.

This version of Zentyal Cloud introduces a fully new subscription add-on called “Advanced Security Updates“. The service includes IDS, HTTP Proxy, Antispam, Antivirus and Anti-Malware list updates and offers Zentyal server users enhanced protection against network attacks, phising, fake software, virus, image spam, malware and much more. Daily security updates are verified by IT security specialists and applied automatically on your Zentyal servers.

Another, fully new feature is that Zentyal Cloud now supports multiple languages. This feature gives you and your customers the option to have the user interface as well as the reports in your own language. Currently, English and Spanish Zentyal Cloud versions are available and we wish to announce the availability of several other languages shortly.

As to further improvements, as you can see from this sample report, the frequent reports regarding the system performance have been greatly improved and completed. In addition, alerts and monitoring system has been enhanced and now you also have metrics regarding the HTTP proxy measures, Disk I/O, Disk temperature, processes number and network latency. Moreover, you can also configure alerts for these new metrics.

You can gain access to the Zentyal Cloud services by obtaining a Professional or Enterprise Server Subscription. If you are interested in Zentyal Cloud trial, simply get the free Basic Server Subscription. The Basic Subscription allows you to store your configuration backup remotely, receive alerts regarding the connectivity of your Zentyal server, available updates or failed automatic backup. Moreover, the Basic Subscription allows you to view and learn about all the commercial service subscriptions.

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