New Zentyal Cloud version introduces completely renewed user interface!

Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today the immediate availability of the new Zentyal Cloud version. Zentyal Cloud offers Zentyal server users a series of subscription services that help to keep Zentyal servers always up to date and secured and to manage multiple Zentyal servers remotely. This version introduces completely renewed, context-based user interface (UI), together with other changes.

The new Zentyal Cloud UI has improved greatly the usability of the application: context-based workflow now adjusts the UI according to user’s context, making it easy to monitor and manage a single Zentyal server or a group of servers. In addition, the new dashboard allows to see at first glance the status of the subscribed Zentyal servers, offering information about severe alerts, connected servers or latest support issues, among other data.

Along with the new user interface, this new Zentyal Cloud version offers improved monitoring by allowing queries on custom period of times, permits to distinguish Zentyal server by its name in the web browser tab and includes bandwidth speed tests to the reports. Moreover, the Disaster Recovery and Security Updates sections have been improved.

Users gain access to the Zentyal Cloud services by obtaining a Professional or Enterprise Server Subscription. The free Basic Subscription allows the users to have a preview to Zentyal Cloud and gives them access to some basic features, such as to store the configuration backup remotely, receive alerts regarding the connectivity of their Zentyal server, available updates or failed automatic backup.

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