New website goes live!

Zentyal Team is proud to announce that the new website has just gone live! If you are happy with the result, please do share the love and invite your contacts to learn about your favorite Linux small business server solution!


So what’s new? First at all, the main goals have been to improve the hierarchy and structure of the website so that it would be easier to access and share interesting information. We have also wanted to highlight the great content Zentyal users are creating. To reach this goal, a new How-tos section was created. All the content published in this section will make it to the home-page and everybody can contribute by reporting useful Zentyal how-tos or reviews found on the web.


As you can see, the content has been grouped in four major blocks: Zentyal server, I need help, Stay tuned and Contribute. Now it is much easier and quicker to find and access the content you are looking for. And once you access any of this content, you are able to continue navigating easily thanks to the upper menu.



Moreover some new pages and sections have been added:

Features: Detailed information on Zentyal features.


How-tos: Useful Zentyal how-tos published in personal blogs, Youtube channels, etc.


Training: Information on on-line courses, Certification exams and the Official Zentyal manual.


Visual Resources: Official logotypes, colors and visual guidelines.


Donate time: Find out what are the best ways to donate time and support the Zentyal project.


Regarding Zentyal Code, as it is already on GitHub, it makes sense to focus also the bug reports there. The main advantage of this change is that GitHub allows greater code traceability so that reported issues can be associated to the correct Zentyal code lines. So, everybody, let’s move to GitHub! And don’t worry, will continue being available to report bugs for now and to guarantee a smooth migration.

You can also find easily links to RSS Feed and to Zentyal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube at the header and the footer of the website. And also social buttons are available at the end of each news so that it is now very easy to share content on the most relevant social networks.

Can’t wait to use the social buttons for the first time? Spread the word on new site and be part of making Zentyal the world’s best Linux small business server!

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