Official documentation for Zentyal 3.0 now available!

The Zentyal Development Team is happy to announce the availability of the official documentation for Zentyal 3.0, a new major release of the Zentyal Linux small business server that was launched 10 days ago. As usual, the updated documentation is available at, in both English and Spanish.

We would like to highlight specially the fully new documentation prepared for the new Zentyal 3.0 modules, such as Samba4, LTSP and UPS. Due the mayor changes in HTTP Proxy, firewall and Zarafa groupware service, you might also want to have a look to these sections. Moreover, as Zentyal 3.0 comes with a renewed look and feel, all the screenshots have been updated too.

Please note that we are still proofreading the documentation. If you find any issues (typos, mistakes, etc.) and want to contribute by reporting them, please let us know through the Forum. The old Zentyal 2.2 documentation continues being available in both English and Spanish.

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