Open source initiative of Ecuador presented at Zentyal Summit 2013

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(Madrid, Spain) Zentyal, developer of easy IT solutions for small business, today confirmed the participation of Reynaldo Gaibor, Deputy Director of IT Security at the National Judicial Council of Ecuador, in Zentyal Summit 2013 that will be held in Zaragoza, Spain, on the 3rd and 4th of October.

Reynaldo Gaibor is one of the foremost open source software experts working in the Ecuadorian public sector. His talk ‘Open source migration experiences in Ecuador’ will focus on the open source adoption and the various initiatives that are being carried out in his country and in Latin America in this regard. He will particularly discuss the migration project of the National Assembly of Ecuador where he served previously as Coordinator of Technology Services and where he was personally part of the team that carried out the deployment.

Ecuador is one of the most active countries in supporting politically the adoption of open source software, in order to ensure technological sovereignty, favor domestic industry and innovation, and to reduce costs. The country has a legal framework that requires public institutions to use open source software and to choose inteoperable technologies based on open standards for their IT systems and equipment.

In 2008, the President Rafael Correa approved a decree establishing a public policy that requires the use of open source software by all entities of the central public administration, limiting the use of proprietary software only when open source solutions are not available or when the national security is at stake. Since then, a number of open source migration projects have taken place in the Ecuadorian governmental agencies.

Right now the Government of Ecuador is leading the adoption of open source software in the public administration and the defense of the privacy and technological sovereignty globally” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of Zentyal. “It is an honor to have Reynaldo Gaibor in Zentyal Summit 2013 to share with us his vision and the different initiatives they are carrying out“.

Thanks to this talk and other presentations that will take place during the event, both Zentyal partners and customers will learn how it is possible to implement open source-based solutions that cause minimal migration costs thanks to the interoperability with existing technologies, a key factor to encourage migration to open source software.

About Zentyal Summit 2013

The Zentyal Summit 2013, will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October in Zaragoza, Spain, under the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Go Hybrid‘. The event program will focus specially on how to seamlessly replace Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange based solutions and what alternatives allow SMBs to keep their local IT infrastructure, while adapting cloud-solutions according to their needs. The event is free of charge and will be transmitted on-line, but registration is compulsory.

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