Open Xarxes (Valencia, Spain) becomes an Authorized Zentyal Partner

Zentyal, developer of the Linux small business server of the same name, announced today that Open Xarxes Coop. V. has joined the Zentyal Partner Program. Open Xarxes, located in Valencia (Spain), provides ICT solutions based on open standards and free software systems, specializing in systems administration and ICT training for SMEs, schools and NGOs.

“We decided to go for Zentyal because it is a national open source project that makes the management of network services needed in a SMB easier” said Manolo Serrano Belenguer, from Open Xarxes. “We believe Zentyal is a polished, mature and flexible product for system administration. It is an ideal product to offer to our customers that are mostly schools, NGOs, SMBs, SOHOs and freelancers. In short, we think Zentyal makes things easier, it does things right and well, simply is a good idea.”

“Open Xarxes is a cooperative with a high level of commitment to open source information systems and software” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal, and continued “Thanks to their vision and experience we are confident that their values of cooperation and transparency will be reflected in all stages of service delivery, from customer service to technical deployment.

As an Authorized Zentyal Partner, Open Xarxes will offer its customers certified support and services to install, integrate and maintain Zentyal server installations. Moreover, Open Xarxes also offers to their customers additional certified Zentyal services such as disaster recovery, security updates or Zarafa groupware solutions. And while Open Xarxes delivers the services to their customers, Zentyal grants Open Xarxes with the necessary support and services so that their customers always count on vendor-guaranteed services.

About Open Xarxes Coop. V.
Open Xarxes Coop. V. is a worker cooperative (Cooperativa de Trabajo Asociado, CTA) that provides ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) solutions based on the use of open standards and open source systems. Open Xarxes specializes in system administration and ICT training for SMBs, schools and NGOs.
More information about Open Xarxes:

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