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How-to: Zentyal as an Additional Domain Controller of a Windows Domain (Video tutorial)

A common Zentyal use case is to deploy Zentyal as an additional domain controller of an existing Windows® Server. This can be a long-term decision or a necessary step before fully migrating an existing Windows Server deployment to Zentyal. Want to have a quick look on how this is done? Zentyal Team has published a […]

Zentyal 6.0 Announcement

Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce Zentyal Server 6.0, a new release of the Zentyal Open Source Linux Server with native Microsoft Active Directory® interoperability.

Zentyal Server 6.0, major new version release now available

Zentyal Development Team today announced Zentyal Server 6.0, a major new version release of the Zentyal Linux Server. This new version of Zentyal Server continues offering an easy-to-use Linux server with all the network services required in corporate environments and most importantly, native Microsoft Active Directory® interoperability. Zentyal Server 6.0 is based on Ubuntu Server […]

Zentyal 6.0 Changelog

core Add bash completion for zs command Simplify nginx.conf includes management Fix undefined $actualValue warning in ViewCustomizer Fix unitialized $filter warning in tableBody.mas Set default size of EBox::Types::Int to 6 Use /etc/apt/auth.conf instead of embedding login info in sources.list Avoid use of apt-key add installing zentyal-qa pubkey in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d as gnupg is no longer installed […]

How-to: Zentyal as a stand-alone domain controller (Video tutorial)

Did you know that most of the people who contact us are interested in deploying Zentyal primarily as a stand-alone domain & directory server? As Zentyal comes with a native implementation of the Microsoft Active Directory® protocols, it makes it easy to manage the domain and directory services typical to those of a Windows® domain […]

How-to: Gestión e implementación de servicios IT para intranet y extranet, bajo Zentyal Server

Students from the UNAD Florida (Medellín, Colombia) have published a very detailed tutorial (in Spanish) on configuring Zentyal as a DHCP/DNS, Domain controller, Proxy, Firewall, File server, Printer server and VPN. Check it out: Gestión e implementación de servicios IT para intranet y extranet, bajo Zentyal Server ¡Gracias Diego Andres Ospina, Juan Camilo David, Yeisson […]

Official documentation and book for Zentyal 5.1 now available

Zentyal today announced the availability of the official documentation and book for Zentyal 5.1. Both are available in English and Spanish. The official documentation for this latest version of the Zentyal Linux Small Business Server is available at The official “Zentyal for Network Administrators”-book is available for purchase as an eBook and paperback through […]