PingWin Software, leading Russian open source player, joins the eBox Partner Program

eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, announced today that PingWin Software, one of Russia’s leading open source players, has joined the eBox Partner Program. PingWin Software is a fast-growing company, that is specialized in providing 24/7 technical support for open source software, migrations from proprietary software solutions to open source solutions and adapting and developing customized open source solutions to their customers all over the country.

“Our customers are every time more interested in managing their computer network services through one single open source platform” said George Sapronov, Project Manager at PingWin Software and continued “We find eBox Platform software safe, flexible and fast-moving solution that responds perfectly to this need.”

“From our point of view, PingWin Software’s focus on providing open source enterprise solutions in combination with a high-quality nationwide service delivery makes them the perfect partner for eBox to address the Russian market” stated Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at eBox Technologies. “We are very enthusiastic to start working with PingWin Software to help their customers improving their IT infrastructure while cutting their overall costs with eBox-based server solutions.”

As an Authorized eBox Partner, PingWin Software will offer their customers certified eBox server products and services, including eBox Server Subscriptions, Subscription Add-ons and certified technical support. The eBox Server Subscriptions guarantee that the installed eBox servers are up-to-date and secured at all times and allow the users to receive frequent reports on system performance and use, as well as to carry out central administration and monitoring of multiple eBox servers. The Subscription Add-ons currently include disaster recover, security list updates or low-cost VoIP call options.

About PingWin Software
PingWin Software Ltd. was founded in 2009. The main objective of the company is to provide development, migration, upgrade and support services based on the FOSS (free/libre/open source software). PingWin Software offers their customers 24/7 technical support and they are always ready to help regardless of the location or time zone their customers are working at. Support requests are handled around the clock by phone, email or through web-system Service Desk. PingWin Software is an active member of the Russian Association of Free Software (RASPO) and the Association of Software Developers “Domestic software”.
More information about PingWin Software at:

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