Polish IT Provider becomes an Authorized Zentyal Partner

Zentyal, developer of the Linux small business server of the same name, announced today a partnership agreement with is a Polish IT service provider located in Poznań, that offers businesses ranging from small enterprises to large joint-stock companies IT infrastructure management services, IT outsourcing, helpdesk services and Software as service (SaaS).

“We have used OS software both on our servers and workstations since we started Our customers also use Free Software and are pleased with the quality and security it offers. Moreover, we are familiar with and use the technologies and solutions which are part of the Zentyal software – We had even combined some of them, but the desired synergy effect is best achieved by using of all of them, and this is what the Zentyal Small Business Server offers” said Szymon Anders, Owner at And concluded “Thus, the decision to enter into a partnership was a logical consequence of our business activity. This way we’ll be able to improve the quality of our services and our customers’ satisfaction.”

“ is an experienced open source integrator in Poland and we’re proud that they have chosen Zentyal based solutions to help them to grow their business” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal. “We’re very pleased that Zentyal server is progressively being adapted by more and more IT providers and open source specialists, such as”

As an Authorized Zentyal Partner, will offer its customers certified support and services to install, integrate and maintain Zentyal servers. Moreover, will also offer additional Zentyal services such as disaster recovery, security updates or Zarafa groupware solutions. And while delivers the services to their Polish end customers, Zentyal grants with the necessary support and services so that their customers always count on vendor-guaranteed services.

The team of professionals operating under a common brand name “” has existed since 2004, providing IT services to business entities ranging from small enterprises to large joint-stock companies. manages their customers’ IT infrastructures and helps them to integrate the services delivered by other providers. Moreover, the company has their own extensive infrastructure, consisting of high bandwidth Internet connections based on the BGP routing technology, as well as service and application servers using these connections. Together with their hardware resources, provides advanced integration and IT outsourcing services, as well as their own services. has written and implemented an online sales system for apartments and other real estates and they have also developed two entertainment platforms for on-line games. Moreover, the company provides WWW and FTP hosting services as well as email hosting services on their servers. They also provide SaaS services and manage IT tasks for business entities co-financed by the European Union.
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