Presenting eBox 1.0

After four years of intense work, continuous development and community promotion, eBox is finally a reality. Next 14th October we will release eBox 1.0, our first complete and stable version. There is still a lot of new features and modules to implement but we have reached the level of functionality we planned in the start.

To celebrate this moment we will host an event at the Technological Institute of Aragon , Zaragoza (Spain). For this event we will have a lot of support from the main public institutions in the region, with speeches from Fernando Beltran (Vice-Counselor of Science, Technology and University at the Government of Aragon), Ricardo Cavero (General Director of Science and Technology at the City of Zaragoza) and Francisco Rojas (Manager of the Development of Information Society at the Technological Institute of Aragon). The official programme can be downloaded in Spanish in PDF. The attendance is open and free, so we hope to see you there!

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