Roadmap for the next major Commercial Zentyal Edition announced

Zentyal, developer of server technology natively interoperable with Microsoft® server products, announced today the roadmap for a new major Commercial Zentyal Edition (Zentyal 4.0). This version will be published in October 2014 and it will offer greatly improved interoperability with Microsoft® Exchange Server. In this regard, the new commercial edition will come with the following new features:

  • Provisioning of Zentyal as first and/or additional Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • PST-file import
  • Support for RPC over HTTP (Microsoft Outlook® Anywhere)
  • Autodiscover service
  • Support for Microsoft Outlook® 2013
  • Support for shared calendars & contacts
  • Multi-language support for mailboxes
  • Out of office-message support
  • Automatic Inbox refresh

Zentyal 4.0 will primarily focus on providing interoperability with Microsoft® Exchange Server, but it will also integrate improved Quality Assurance procedures and offer a migration path from Commercial Zentyal Server 3.2 Editions to 4.0 Edition. It is also important to note that this release will run on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS.

In order to focus on offering a drop-in replacement for Windows® Small Business Server and Microsoft® Exchange Server, a number of modules will be dropped in this version. The dropped modules include: L7 filter, FTP, Zarafa, User Corner, Captive Portal, Bandwidth Monitor, IPS, UPS, Backup, Monitor, RADIUS, Webserver and Webmail (Roundcube) and IPsec. All these modules will continue being supported in the existing Commercial Zentyal Server versions until the end of life of each version.


We are glad to announce that the official release date of Zentyal 4.0 will be October 29th!

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