Russian IT provider Personal Admins joins the Zentyal Partner Network

Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today a partnership agreement with Personal Admins LLC, Russian IT service and solution located in Moscow. Personal Admins LLC’s core business areas include IT infrastructure design, implementation, support and maintenance, IT consultancy services and VoIP telephony solutions.

“Zentyal is a flexible and feature-rich server that is cost-effective to install and maintain. Moreover, it ensures high levels of security and reasonable cost savings to the end customers” said Alexey Tikhonov, CТO at Personal Admins LLC. “Together with our vast experience in IT systems, we are able to provide Zentyal-based server solutions that meet the needs of almost any small and medium business.”

“When a group of seasoned Linux system administrators, such as the professionals working at Personal Admins LLC, pick Zentyal server to deliver small and medium businesses easy and affordable Linux server solutions, we feel even more empowered and motivated to continue working to fulfill such high expectations” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal.

As an Authorized Zentyal Partner, Personal Admins LLC will offer its customers certified support and services to install, integrate and maintain Zentyal servers. Moreover, Personal Admins LLC will also offer additional Zentyal services such as disaster recovery, security updates or Zarafa groupware solutions. And while Personal Admins LLC delivers their services to their end customers, Zentyal grants the company with the necessary support and services so that their customers always count on vendor-guaranteed services.

About Personal Admins LLC
Personal Admins LLC is a Russian IT service and solution provider, located in Moscow. The company, formed by a group of experienced IT professionals, offers IT infrastructure design, implementation, support and maintenance services. Moreover, the company offers IT consultancy services, VoIP telephony solutions and hardware equipment.
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