TECHmosis (Sydney, Australia) becomes a Zentyal Partner to offer Linux server solutions to SMBs

Zentyal, developer of the Linux small business server of the same name, announced today that TECHmosis has joined the Zentyal Partner Program. TECHmosis is Australian ICT services company based in Parramatta, Sydney. The company offers complete ICT services to small and medium businesses, including consultancy, project management, support and maintenance services.

“At TECHmosis we have 20 years of corporate experience in providing ICT services. Our vision is to work alongside our customers to provide them robust, enterprise grade solutions to meet their needs and at the same time, allow them to save money” said Martin Robbie, CEO at TECHmosis. “We have decided to partner with Zentyal because we believe that our customers should be able to choose a solution that best suits their needs and budget, not the traditional and expensive solution offered by the majority of today’s ICT providers.”

“TECHmosis is the first Authorized Zentyal Partner in Australia. During the certification process they demonstrated that they have highly skilled and experienced staff and we firmly believe they will deliver outstanding Zentyal services and solutions to Australian SMBs” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal.

As an Authorized Zentyal Partner, TECHmosis will offer its customers certified support and services to install, integrate and maintain Zentyal servers. Moreover, TECHmosis will also offer additional Zentyal services such as disaster recovery, security updates or Zarafa groupware solutions. And while TECHmosis delivers their services to their end customers, Zentyal grants the company with the necessary support and services so that their customers always count on vendor-guaranteed services.

About TECHmosis
TECHmosis is focused on providing businesses with all of their technological needs and at prices that are extremely competitive and affordable in today’s competitive economy. TECHmosis believes that businesses should be able to choose a solution that best suits their needs and budget without being channeled towards more traditional and expensive solutions offered by the majority of today’s ICT providers. TECHmosis has a clear focus on quality of service and a sharp eye on costs.
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