The first Zentyal 2.2 release candidate available for download!

The Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce the availability of the first Zentyal 2.2 release candidate (Zentyal 2.2-rc1)! This version comes with all the Zentyal 2.2 features and the Development Team is challenging Zentyal users to test the release extensively and report any issues they come up with, to help to make a great Zentyal 2.2 release. From now on, the Development Team will focus on bugfixing, polishing details as well as preparing easy migration process from Zentyal 2.0 to Zentyal 2.2.

Besides having done plenty of bugfixing, the following improvements can be highlighted in this release:

  • Based on the fresh new Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS
  • Administrator audit logging
  • Zarafa 7 integration
  • Usability and performance improvements
  • Many improvements in the VM management module
  • The new installer can be downloaded from the Beta Downloads Page. Users who already have Zentyal 2.1 installed can also try upgrading to the latest available packages via Zentyal server UI, although the upgrade is not guaranteed to be problem-free. However, the Development Team will be pleased to help users who want to try the upgrade and report any issues via the Beta Testing board in the Forum.

    Please read the release notes (details about Zarafa and the new Administrator audit logging feature) and give your feedback through the Forum! Happy testing!

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