Zentyal 3.0, a major new release of the Linux Small Business Server, now available for download

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(Zaragoza, Spain) The Zentyal Development Team announced today the release of Zentyal 3.0, a new major release of the Zentyal Linux small business server. Zentyal aims at providing small and medium businesses (SMBs) professional, reliable and secure network infrastructure solutions, that are both easy to use and affordable.

One of the most important features Zentyal 3.0 introduces is the Samba4 integration, that makes Zentyal server a full replacement for the Windows Server Active Directory. This means that from now on Zentyal server will use protocols to manage users, permissions and security policies that are fully compatible with any Windows server and Windows desktop.

This version also features a brand new Single Sign-On feature, based on the Kerberos open source software. It removes the need to enter user credentials every time a user wants to access network services such as email, file sharing or browse the Internet through a proxy. Thanks to the integration with Samba4, this feature works out of the box for Windows desktops.

In addition, Zentyal 3.0 introduces major performance and usability improvements together with a number of new features such as UPS module, Thin Clients module and a new Master-Slave architecture. Moreover, several modules including HTTP Proxy, firewall and Zarafa collaboration platform come with major updates. An important change is also the update of the underlying operative system: Zentyal 3.0 version is based on the latest Ubuntu Server LTS edition (12.04).

A large part of the annual Zentyal Summit, that will be held this year on the 4th and 5th of October in Zaragoza, Spain, will focus on the Zentyal 3.0 release and how it helps IT support and service providers and IT administrators taking Linux-based IT infrastructure management solutions to SMBs. The event is free of charge, but seats are limited so early registration is recommended.

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Zentyal 3.0 is available for download at:

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Program and registration for “Zentyal Summit 2012 – Talking Linux to small businesses”:

About Zentyal (
Zentyal, developer of the Linux Small Business Server of the same name, offers small and medium businesses affordable and easy-to-use network infrastructure solutions. By using Zentyal server and its cloud-based services, SMBs are able to improve the reliability and security of their computer network and to reduce their IT investments and operational costs.

Zentyal server development was started in early 2004 and currently it is the open source alternative to Microsoft network infrastructure products aimed at SMBs (Windows Small Business Server, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Forefront…). Zentyal server is widely used in the small and medium businesses regardless of sector, industry or location as well as in the public administrations or in the educational sector.

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