Zentyal 3.0 Beta | First version of the Thin Clients module available!

Zentyal Team is glad to announce that the first version of the zentyal-ltsp module is now available for testing! This new module provides Thin and Fat Client functionality and it is integrated with the DHCP module. Current features allow the users to:

  • Build and update Thin and Fat client images
  • Install local applications
  • Limit one session per user
  • Create profiles to apply different configuration to the clients
  • Enable/Disable network compression, local apps, local devices, autologin, guest login and sound
  • Select keyboard layout
  • Enter any other custom LTSP options
  • Configure Per-client Autologin and Guest Login

Zentyal Thin Clients module will help to deploy and manage a thin client installation, where user applications are transparently run on the server while they are being used on the workstations. The main advantages of this type of installations are that low-cost or outdated hardware can be used for the workstations, while latest applications are run on the server and workstation management is simplified as all clients run the same image from the server. This module is based on the LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project), the most popular open source implementation of the thin client technology.

To test this new module, install a fresh Zentyal 2.3 making sure that you have Internet connection so you get the latest packages. If you already have an installed Zentyal 2.3, upgrade to the latest version and select the new ‘Thin Clients’ module. There are few Additional notes you should also read.

Please remember that Zentyal 2.3 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. However, all testing help is greatly appreciated as well as bug reports, feedback and ideas that can be given through the Zentyal Forum or Zentyal Trac.

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