Zentyal 3.0 Beta | Zentyal now integrates a new Samba 4 version!

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that a new zentyal-samba module is now available for testing! This module includes all the improvements done since the first release and it is based on the recently published Samba 4.0 beta2 version. The highlights of this new zentyal-samba module are:

  • Samba4 now integrates the good old Samba3 daemon for the file sharing and printing services, providing more stability in these features (New zentyal-printers module is not yet ready, but stay tuned because it will be ready really soon)
  • Integration with Logs module is now working
  • Recycle Bin feature has been added again
  • Guest shares are now working
  • Roaming profiles support has been added
  • It is possible to choose drive letter to map user home directories

The easiest way to test this new version is to do a fresh installation of Zentyal 2.3-1 having Internet connection to make sure that the latest versions of the packages are downloaded. If you already have a Zentyal 2.3-1 installed, you can upgrade the full system to get these new versions using the Software Management module or with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade in command line.

Please remember that Zentyal 2.3 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. However, we hope that you will help us in the testing and are very much looking forward to receiving your feedback and bug reports through the Forum and Trac!

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