Zentyal 3.2 Beta | New Zentyal 3.1-1 installer available!

The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the availability of the second Zentyal 3.1 installer that includes the latest 3.1.X packages. You can download the new installer for 32- and 64-bit architectures from our Beta Downloads page. These packages can also be installed on any existing Ubuntu Server 12.04 using the instructions available in the Installation Guide. If you are already testing Zentyal 3.1, remember that you can just upgrade your system to this new version through the web interface (Software Management section).

Zentyal 3.1 beta is a development version and will become Zentyal 3.2 (next stable release) in September 2013. Until then we are going to frequently release new versions so Zentyal users can help testing new features and improvements.

The main highlight of this new beta is the migration of the JavaScript framework from prototype to jQuery. We are very happy with this change which will improve greatly the user experience. Among other things, this release also includes a general review of graphical interface and several usability improvements such as:

  • Drag and Drop support to move table rows
  • Single Click support to enable modules and their dependencies all together
  • Page size on tables is now persistent according to user choice

So, it is testing time and we are looking forward to your feedback and bug reports through the Forum and Github! Please remember that Zentyal 3.1 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. Zentyal 3.2, the next stable release, will be released in September 2013. We greatly appreciate your help and efforts in testing this version to make Zentyal 3.2 the best release ever!

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