Zentyal and ASOLIF at the Congreso Escuela 2.0 / School 2.0 Congress (13-15 April, Zaragoza, Spain)

Zentyal announced today it will participate together with ASOLIF (Federate Open Source Associations) in the School 2.0 Congress (Congreso Escuela 2.0), that will be held from the 13th to the 15th of April in Zaragoza (Spain). The event offers teachers, education officials and professionals involved in the School 2.0 (Escuela 2.0) program or ICT in education in general, the opportunity to present and exchange their experiences.

Zentyal and ASOLIF will participate in the event with a joint stand, where Zentyal will provide information on projects it has recently undertaken in the education sector, including the project carried out with the Government of Aragon to renew the network infrastructure of more than 80 schools, the Zentyal EDU Server solution that will be launched in the event and the Zentyal Academy vocational training program that is currently being adopted in Aragon, Catalonia and La Rioja.

Attendees can also learn about the different uses schools are giving to Zentyal server, a Linux server specifically developed for small and medium sized organizations and businesses that allows easy and secure computer network administration, without using command-line interface. Furthermore, technical demonstrations will be organized during the three days of the event to show the functionality of Zentyal server.

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