Zentyal and Microsoft join forces to bring world’s leading interoperability conference to Europe

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  • Open Source developers share knowledge about implementing Microsoft Protocols for business applications
  • Main goals to evaluate, develop and test software interoperability, particular Open Source Software
  • Leading experts present from across the interoperability sector

Zaragoza, Spain, November 12. – Zentyal, the leader in open source Microsoft Protocol Interoperability, is to host the first-ever Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015. The announcement was made at LibreCon, Spain’s premier Open Source conference. Protocols Plugfest, for which Microsoft is the Gold Sponsor, will take place 12-14 May in the city of Zaragoza. The event brings together open source developers, students and technical decision makers to improve implementations and deployment practices in the Microsoft protocol space.

The event is focussed on helping companies and open source communities test interoperability and demonstrate product capabilities, increasing collaboration and building a stronger ecosystem around Microsoft protocols.

Protocols Plugfest also offers keynote presentations and workshops focussed on open source offerings, Microsoft interoperable products and technologies, and other third-party interoperability solutions. The protocols covered include Active Directory, Exchange, CIFS, LDAP and Sharepoint, with open source projects including Samba, OpenChange and OpenLDAP.

“Zentyal is delighted to have been asked by Microsoft to host this landmark event”, says Ignacio Correas, Zentyal’s CEO. “The protocol layer is the bridge between Microsoft technology and the Open Source world. Zentyal’s promise is to deliver ever-improving interoperability between the two, in particular for businesses seeking to exploit the benefits of moving their IT operations and business applications to the Cloud.”

Zaragoza – Where Technology Worlds Converge

“Technology is a decisive agent of change and efficiency” comments Juan Alberto Belloch, Mayor of Zaragoza, highlighting the spirit in which the worlds of Microsoft and Open Source now collaborate. Zentyal would like to thank Etopia, Center for Art and Technology, and City Hall of Zaragoza for their collaboration in this event.

About Zentyal
Zentyal, based in Zaragoza (Spain), is a developer of server technology natively interoperable with Microsoft® server products. Zentyal’s goal is to make Linux speak Microsoft® through perfect native interoperability, improving all mixed IT environments in the world. This makes Zentyal the perfect company for hosting the first-ever Protocols Plugfest in Europe. For more information, please visit:

Protocols Plugfest
Paola Barrachina
[email protected]
+34 976 29 26 85

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