Zentyal at Samba XP: Building together a Linux alternative to AD

Zentyal is glad to announce that it will be present at SambaXP 2013, the international Samba conference for users and developers taking place in Göttingen, Germany, from May 14 to 17. A talk entitled Challenges and Experiences of the Samba 4.0 Integration in Zentyal will be held by Samuel Cabrero, developer at Zentyal, within the track 2 on May 16 at 10:45h. Julien Kerihuel, CTO of Zentyal, will also be attending this event and discuss the progress and ecosystem of the Open Source OpenChange project he has funded and lead for the past decade.

Zentyal Team is excited to participate in the Samba XP! As you might know, Zentyal Server 3.0 integrated Samba 4.0 with the aim of providing a full replacement for the Windows Server Active Directory and make the migration procedure from Windows servers to Linux servers easy. The event offers a wonderful opportunity to meet the Samba Team, learn from other projects integrating Samba and continue building links between the different development teams.

Integration of Samba 4.0 in Zentyal 3.0 rose some technical challenges, mainly related to keeping OpenLDAP and Samba4 databases synchronized and how Samba 4.0 was integrated with the rest of the Zentyal modules, for example, DNS and DHCP with dynamic DNS updates. In this technical presentation, Cabrero will expose how Zentyal solved these issues.

During the presentation, Cabrero will also explain how thanks to Samba 4.0, Zentyal can be integrated into existing Active Directory domains so Linux based services can be deployed within Microsoft environments (additional file server, Kerberos authentication for HTTP proxy and Mail server, etc).

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