Zentyal boosts its commercial offering with a new release policy

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Zentyal, developer of easy IT solutions for small business, announced today a change in its release policy, adapting it to its clients’ needs. Zentyal will now release a new edition of Commercial Zentyal Editions every 24 months, allowing Official Zentyal Partners to offer top quality, fully tested and reliable products to their customers.

Each new commercial release from Zentyal will include the latest Ubuntu Server LTS (Long-Term Support) version, and will be periodically reinforced with Service Packs, upgrading the editions with new, fully tested features, security and software updates.

Under this new policy, Commercial Zentyal Editions extend their life cycle, receiving technical support during 4 and a half years, and will benefit from security updates through repositories specifically dedicated to these editions.

“This new release policy allows us to continuously raise the quality and reliability of our products, and our Authorized Partners will have the best tools available in order to deploy the perfect IT solution for each client”
, commented Beata González-Blanco, Vice President of Global Sales at Zentyal.

Zentyal Community Edition also undertakes a change in its release policy, reviewing new features, improvements and software updates in three-month intervals – always including the latest available version of Ubuntu Server. Thus, Zentyal Community Edition becomes the technological laboratory where new features are first being deployed. When these new features are deemed to be stable, they will be integrated in the Commercial Editions via Service Packs, ensuring a long term quality service for all the Zentyal products.

“Our new release strategy represents a major step forward to all Zentyal users by giving our products a wider life-cycle through the integration of fully tested functionalities”
, commented Julien Kerihuel, CTO at Zentyal. “The Community Edition becomes our technology showcase, where users can enjoy with – and contribute to – its development”, adds Kerihuel.

The new Commercial Editions of the Zentyal Server are already available from Zentyal’s Authorized Partners. Find more information about the Zentyal Partner Program and you will receive an invitation to to an exclusive webinar on Zentyal’s new offering.

For more information on Zentyal’s new release policy, please visit You can watch Julien Kerihuel talk about the new Zentyal Release Policy during Zentyal Summit 2013.

About Zentyal

Zentyal designs and develops IT solutions for small and medium businesses since 2004. The company provides SMBs and their local IT providers all-in-one IT solutions that are easy to use, from the server to the cloud. Zentyal-based solutions allow SMBs to reduce and rationalize IT investments, improve the security and minimize system downtime.

Zentyal-based solutions are widely used by small and medium businesses independently of their activity or location, as well as by public administration or the education sector. The partnership agreements signed with IT support and service providers in more than 20 countries guarantee the distribution of Zentyal-based solutions to customers worldwide.

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