Zentyal Captive Portal reaches fundraising goal!

Zentyal Development Team is extremely glad to announce that the fundraising goal for the Zentyal Captive Portal has been reached and therefore, this module will be included in the next stable Zentyal release (Zentyal 2.2), that will be released in September 2011. The fundraising goal was completed yesterday thanks to a donor that prefers to stay anonymous.

The Zentyal Captive Portal module will allow to enforce HTTP clients to authenticate on a special web page before allowing them access to the Internet. This is specially useful at Wi-Fi hotspots to control wired access (Internet caf├ęs, hotels, etc.) This module will include the following features and the first beta version for testing is expected for the end of June:

  • Full integration with Zentyal Firewall, Users and Logs modules
  • Secure authentication via HTTPS or splash-only portal with URL redirection to a given page
  • Source (clients), destination (servers) and service (ports) exceptions
  • Secure client filtering using IP address, MAC address and session key automatically reloaded on a pop-up
  • Configurable client idle timeout and maximum connections per client
  • As to the other fundraising campaigns started for Zentyal 2.2 (Thin Clients (LTSP Integration), Periodic Tasks management (cron) and IPv6 support), unfortunately these campaigns didn’t reach their goals. However, the fundraising for these features continues and whenever a new goal is reached, the development will be accelerated to add the feature as soon as possible to Zentyal 2.3 (that will become the next stable Zentyal release, Zentyal 3.0, in 2012). So, if you are specially interested in one of these features, don’t hesitate to contribute and promote your favorite campaign!

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