Zentyal code moved to GitHub

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that GitHub, the popular web-based hosting service, contains now the official GIT repository for Zentyal. Until now the official repository was maintained at, but from now on you can access to the Zentyal GitHub project at

The main reason for this change is to encourage and ease community contributions: Third party modules or any other change or improvement in the core modules. With GitHub working on the Zentyal repo is just a click away and the developers can do a pull requests to see their code merged into the Zentyal master branch.

Zentyal Development Team wants to thank everybody who already contributed code to the project and encourage new contributors to join! Simply let the team know what you are up to through the Development Mailing List and remember to send the Contributor Agreement.

Additional note

Please note that if you already had cloned the Zentyal code from, you need to clone it again from git:// (or from your own fork in GitHub).

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