Zentyal enters Chile to boost its internationalization strategy

Zentyal, developer of easy IT solutions for small business, has presented today in Santiago, Chile, the most important aspects of the company’s business strategy for 2013. The company plans a strong international expansion in Europe and Latin America and consolidation of an authorized partner network that markets and supports Zentyal-based solutions.

Zentyal’s offering is aimed at small and medium businesses (SMBs) and Zentyal-based solutions are provided through trusted local IT support and service providers. Approximately 99% of the companies in Latin America are SMBs and they generate nearly 67% of all the jobs in the region. However, one of the main barriers SMBs face in order to speed up the business development is the difficulty in accessing funding. “Intensive use of ICT helps the SMBs to increase their competitiveness, accelerate the internationalization process and to improve internal processes. Zentyal-based solutions offer small and medium businesses professional IT infrastructure without any upfront investment, for a low monthly fee”, said José Ramón Padrón, Channel Sales Director for Iberia and LatAm at Zentyal.

“Thanks to the stability, openness to trade, competitiveness, favorable business climate and the interest of the public and private sectors in promoting the importance of the ICT sector, we believe we can sign very interesting alliances in Chile. Outsourcing of ICT services is common here – four out of ten Chilean companies have outsourced a business process management being network administration and communications services one of the most frequent -. Thanks to the remote monitoring and management tools we offer to our partners, they can provide these services without costly investments technology or training”, affirmed José Ramón Padrón.

The company plans to create a solid partner network in Chile, and at the moment, the company is in partnership negotiations with six IT support and service providers. During 2013, the company foresees a consolidation in the Spanish market and expansion to other countries -including Mexico, Brazil and Chile-, that offer specially interesting markets for their economical situation as well as for the number of downloads, installations and partnership requests received by Zentyal in these countries.

Read the full press release available in English and Spanish.

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