Zentyal manual now available as an eBook, all profits donated to OpenChange

Zentyal, developer of server technology natively interoperable with Microsoft® server products, is glad to announce that the “Zentyal for Network Administrators” book is now available through Lulu, making it possible to offer the manual with a reduced price and also as an eBook. More importantly, from now on all the profits generated by the book sales are donated in full by Zentyal to the OpenChange open source project. OpenChange is a portable open source implementation of Microsoft® Exchange Server and Exchange protocols, that allows Zentyal to deliver server products that offer a native drop-in replacement for Microsoft® Exchange Server.

OpenChange technology has become a core part of Zentyal Server during the past years and besides actively contributing to the project by developing new features, submitting bug reports and patches, we believe it is also important that the project receives financial support” said Mateo Burillo, Training Manager at Zentyal. “As all the profits generated by the book sales will go for the OpenChange project, anyone can easily show their support by simply purchasing the manual.

The “Zentyal for Network Administrators” book covers all relevant aspects of configuring and managing Zentyal servers in small and medium business (SMB) environments, from the Zentyal server architecture to all network services required in this type of environments, as well as best practices for safe and effective network maintenance. The book is eminently practical and it includes a large number of practical exercises. It is an ideal guide for those who want to use Zentyal server, or Linux servers in general, in SMB environments. Besides being a full guide to learn Linux-based network management based on Zentyal, the book serves as a study material for the certified Zentyal courses and ZeCA certification exams.

To purchase the book, follow the links below:

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