Zentyal presents server technology natively interoperable with Microsoft® server products at the 2014

Zentyal, developer of server technology natively interoperable with Microsoft® server products, presented today their technology at the World Hosting Days 2014 ( The event is one of the largest hosting events worldwide with over 5,000 expected attendees from all over the world in 2014 and it is being held in Rust, Germany, from the April 1 to 3.

Zentyal is the only vendor worldwide to offer hosting providers a native drop-in replacement to Microsoft® Hosted Exchange. Unlike with other solutions, Zentyal does not require the installation of Microsoft Outlook® connectors or plug-ins. During the 2014, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the Zentyal for Hosting Providers product by attending presentations, live product demonstrations hosted on company’s stand B20 and one-to-one meetings.

Microsoft’s decision to sell Office 365 directly to end customers and to ignore the channel is having a huge impact on hosting providers’ businesses” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of Zentyal. “We are offering the first real, fully Microsoft-compatible alternative that gives the hosting providers a chance to compete with Microsoft’s offering. There is a massive interest for this”.

Zentyal differs from other Microsoft® Exchange Server alternatives in being the only vendor that uses the native Microsoft® protocols, both for groupware (Microsoft® Exchange MAPI) and directory management (Microsoft Active Directory®). This makes Zentyal the second company – besides Microsoft – to offer solutions that implement these protocols that currently form the very core of any business IT infrastructure.

Hosting Providers Are the Largest Beneficiary

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Partners have had some initial success in the Hosted Exchange market. However, Microsoft’s entry into the Cloud Business email market is limiting growth for Microsoft’s partners”.
– Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook Market Analysis, 2013-2017. The Radicati Group, 2013.

Ever since the release of Microsoft® Exchange Server 5.5 in 1997, a large number of hosting providers have been delivering hosted email solutions based on this technology. However, as Microsoft® decided to enter the hosted email market with Office 365™ and the support options for popular Microsoft® Exchange Servers keep expiring, the traditional Microsoft® Hosted Exchange Providers are left with few options: Become Office 365™ resellers losing control over their business, technology and customer data, or deploy Zentyal for Hosting Providers.

Zentyal offers a unique and very interesting mail solution for traditional Microsoft® Hosted Exchange Providers, because it is only vendor worldwide – besides Microsoft® – to offer native interoperability with Microsoft® Outlook. Users can continue using their mail clients without any interruption or the need to install additional software or connectors on their mail clients.

In addition to offering a natively Microsoft® Outlook compatible mail server, Zentyal for Hosting Providers comes by default with mobile phone synchronization, modern webmail, integrated cloud file sharing service and API access. Moreover, it offers scalable, multi-tenant setup with High Availability, getting the hosting provider back in control over both the technology and the data, all for a significantly lower TCO.

How to Request a Demo Account

Interested providers can request a Zentyal for Hosting Providers demo account. It offers a completely functional webmail environment that is currently on public beta. By submitting a Demo account request through the URL mentioned below, the user will receive personal account credentials and instructions on how to test the native interoperability of the Zentyal for Hosting Providers product directly with their Microsoft Outlook® clients:

Agenda for 2014

April 1, 2014
15:30 – Room Sanssouci
Presentation: “Zentyal, let your servers talk Exchange like native speakers

April 1-3
10:00 | 12:00 | 16:00 – Booth B20
Demo “Zentyal, the only drop-in replacement for Microsoft® Hosted Exchange

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