Zentyal Summit 2013 draws nearly 400 registered attendees

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(Madrid, Spain) Zentyal, developer of easy IT solutions for small business, has hold the annual Zentyal Summit in Zaragoza (Spain) on the 3rd and 4th of October. The event, organized in collaboration with the City Council of Zaragoza and Government of Aragón, has taken place in Etopia (Center for Arts & Technology). Nearly 400 people from 64 different countries including Authorized Zentyal Partners, customers, community members and distinguished open source experts registered to this international meeting.

Zentyal Summit has already become a reference event in the open source world. It is a meeting point to learn which are the key factors to carry out successful open source migration projects in SMBs and get the most out of Zentyal solutions in order to make the IT infrastructure management as simple as possible and increase the efficiency” said Ignacio Correas, founder and CEO of Zentyal.

During his talk, Ignacio Correas has highlighted the importance of native interoperability of the new IT infrastructure solutions with the existing solutions to avoid large migration projects or long change management processes. By avoiding these two great challenges of traditional open source based solutions, SMBs are offered -for the first time- a real alternative to their existing IT infrastructure.

Adoption of the Open Source Software in Public Administration

Zentyal Summit attendees were also able to see examples of some open source migration projects in public administration. Reynaldo Gaibor, Deputy Director of IT Security at the National Judicial Council of Ecuador, presented the migration project of the National Assembly of Ecuador as well as some of the other open source adoption initiatives that are being carried out in his country.

Another project was presented by Eduardo Romero, Desktop System Administrator at the Zaragoza City Council. During his talk ‘Ubuntu Migration at Zaragoza Council’ he discussed the challenges and benefits the adoption of open souce software has brought to the council. On the other hand, Manuel Velardo, Director of Cenatic, spoke about the open source initiatives, successes and failures in Spain.

Zentyal Summit, a clear focus on the IT channel

In this third edition of the Summit, Zentyal has wanted to address specially the concerns of both its network of authorized partners and other IT support and service providers, regarding the intent of the leading manufacturers to fully replace local server infrastructure with cloud. In this regard, Zentyal is betting on a hybrid solution that allows the SMBs to maintain their local IT infrastructure and adapt cloud solutions according to their needs.

Close to 200 partners and IT providers have been able to see first hand how to build their own service offering based on Zentyal and how to obtain maximum benefit for their business with the support of Zentyal. PaloSanto Solutions (Ecuador), Leucotron (Brasil) and Linux Warehouse (South Africa) are some of the Zentyal partners that attended the event.

Leading open source experts

The event also counted with the participation of other leading open source experts. Among them, Malcolm Bain, Partner at id law partners and Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), who talked about the legal aspect of licensing open source software and Dan Shearer, Co-Founder of Samba project, whose talk ‘After Cloud’ addressed cloud computing related concerns, such as standards compliance, privacy, energy consumption and increasing complexity, and how peer-to-peer (P2P) technology may offer a viable solution of these problems.

Moreover, attendees had the chance to listen to the representatives of the leading open source software manufacturers such as Andrew Cooper, Worldwide Channel Manager at Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, and Luis Almeida, Regional Director of PaloSanto Solutions, developer of Elastix, the world’s most popular unified communications server.

About Zentyal Summit 2013

The Zentyal Summit 2013, will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October in Zaragoza, Spain, under the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Go Hybrid‘. The event program will focus specially on how to seamlessly replace Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange based solutions and what alternatives allow SMBs to keep their local IT infrastructure, while adapting cloud-solutions according to their needs.

The Zentyal Summit 2013 is organized in collaboration with the Zaragoza City Hall and Local Government of Aragón and sponsored by PaloSanto Solutions, GlobbTV, Canonical and Hispaweb. The event is free of charge and will be transmitted on-line, but registration is compulsory. Program and registration for ‘Zentyal Summit 2013 – Keep Calm and Go Hybrid’:

About Zentyal

Zentyal designs and develops IT solutions for small and medium businesses since 2004. The company provides SMBs and their local IT providers all-in-one IT solutions that are easy to use, from the server to the cloud. Zentyal-based solutions allow SMBs to reduce and rationalize IT investments, improve the security and minimize system downtime.

Zentyal-based solutions are widely used by small and medium businesses independently of their activity or location, as well as by public administration or the education sector. The partnership agreements signed with IT support and service providers in more than 20 countries guarantee the distribution of Zentyal-based solutions to customers worldwide.

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