Zentyal supports the World IPv6 Day celebrated today, 8th of June!

Support the World IPv6 Day celebrated today, 8th of JuneZentyal Development Team is glad to announce their support for the World IPv6 Day, that is being celebrated worldwide today 8th of June, by activating Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on all Zentyal websites. Major sites like Google, Yahoo! or Facebook will serve their content through IPv6 by default today.

The World IPv6 Day, organized by the Internet Society, aims at testing the effects of large-scale transition from current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4 to the new version IPv6 and raising awareness across the industry to prepare their services for IPv6.

The activation of IPv6 at Zentyal websites allows users with IPv6 connectivity to access the sites with the same quality and speed as users with IPv4. However, you won’t be able to access the sites if you have a broken IPv6 connectivity. You can check your connectivity and determine if you will experience troubles with this change.

Concerning IPv6 support on Zentyal server, a fundraising campaign that aims at bringing this feature to Zentyal 2.3 (that will become the next stable Zentyal release, Zentyal 3.0, in 2012) was launched recently. Adding IPv6 support for Zentyal server is not an easy task as it duplicates the complexity of configuration of all network services and should be approached very carefully, but if you want to speed up the development, you can start helping now!

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