Zentyal’s new business strategy accelerates internationalization

Zentyal, developer of easy IT solutions for small business, has presented today the most important aspects of the company’s business strategy for 2013. The company plans a strong international expansion in Europe and Latin America and consolidation of an authorized partner network that markets and supports Zentyal-based solutions.

The strategy, focused around software products designed, developed and marketed by Zentyal, is based on three key pillars: a fully integrated all-in-one IT solution from the server to the cloud, a business model based on subscription services and a clear channel focus, helping partners to offer higher value-added services and to generate more revenue.

The trajectory of Zentyal demonstrates the suitability of Linux-based solutions in the small and medium businesses instead of proprietary solutions. Since the foundation of the company five years ago, Zentyal has managed to become a global reference point for all-in-one IT solutions aimed at SMBs, with a strong international presence. The competitive advantages offered by its products, that require very little local adaptation and are available from a distance for a reduced cost, are the main reasons that have driven the company towards internationalization.

During 2012, more than half of Zentyal’s turnover came from aboard. As for the customer base, approximately 60% were located in other European countries, Latin America and North America.

During 2013, the company foresees a consolidation in the Spanish market and expansion to other countries -including Mexico, Brazil and Chile-, that offer specially interesting markets for their economical situation as well as for the number of downloads, installations and partnership requests received by Zentyal in these countries. Thanks to this ambitious expansion plan, Zentyal aims to triple its turnover in 2013.

Read the full press release available in English and Spanish.

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