Reseller Partners sell Zentyal Server Licenses and Support Subscriptions to their customers. On the entry level they can simply focus on reselling Zentyal products and while they gain confidence and experience, they can move to bundling Zentyal products with their own value added support and services.

Become a reseller

company offices with Zentyal badge

“An amazing all-in-one. Deploying our infrastructure in a couple of days had been unthinkable before Zentyal.”

Daniel Muñoz, IT Administrator, Santa María del Bosque School

“Integrated LDAP, honestly is my favourite feature, no more doing repetitive things manually.”

Jonathan Bowerman, IT Specialist, Bartle and Gibson

“Zentyal’s port redirection is my favorite feature because it allows to manage Internet access in a very simple and efficient way.”

Josué Solís Torres, Support Manager, Qualsys

Two levels of Reseller Partners


To start doing business
 based on Zentyal

The easiest option for IT providers to start doing business based on Zentyal: Resell Zentyal Server Licenses and Support Subscriptions, offering optionally their support and other value-added services on top of Zentyal Server. To get started, they only need to train one technician in Zentyal and to comply with a minimum yearly sales commitment.


For strategic partners strongly engaged with Zentyal technology

Partnership option for IT providers that want to become strategic partners strongly engaged with Zentyal technology, with a deep knowledge and ability to provide services around Zentyal beyond local or regional context. Premier Reseller’s size and market position allow them to access large projects and have a high sales potential.

Business generation support
Basic Sales Kit yes yes
Right to use Zentyal Partner logo yes yes
Training & engineering support
Free NFR Zentyal Server License 1 2
Free NFR Zentyal Support Subscription Professional Business
Free on-line training course 2
Continuous training yes
Commercial support
Access to License Plan yes yes
Discount over Zentyal products yes yes
Partner commitment
Nº of trained technicians 1 2
Annual business commitment yes yes

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