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Planalto Social Action uses Zentyal to efficiently manage all their network infrastructure services

“I found Zentyal while looking for a Linux server that would allow easy configuration of multiple network services without having to use the famous command-line. Zentyal was exactly what I was looking for. It was love at first sight!”

Sergio Alexandre, IT Support Analyst, Planalto Social Action

Children at the Planalto Social Action

When evaluating different server options to replace their outdated Window Server, Planalto Social Action found Zentyal. They quickly realized that it covered all their needs, allowing them to manage all the required services with a single solution. Another important point in favour of Zentyal was the graphical user interface. It gives them an easy and quick way to deploy and manage services, without having to use command-line.

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The challenge

The IT infrastructure of the Planalto Social Action (Ação Social do Planalto, ASP) was running on an outdated Windows Server. The three main problems they were facing were related to the internal network security, frequent unavailability of the file server and difficulties in managing the server. The server maintenance required a lot of time and they were forced to restart the server all too often.

After an initial evaluation of their existing IT infrastructure, ASP concluded that they wanted to deploy a fully new server solution. Ideally, the new solution would offer all the services provided by their existing Windows Server. It would also help them to secure their network and everything would be managed from a single point. In addition, it was also important that the new solution would work flawlessly with their existing Windows-clients.

The IT staff of ASP preferred a Linux-based solution. After evaluating multiple Linux server solutions and extensive testing, they chose to deploy Zentyal.

The solution

Planalto Social Action deployment has about 50 users. All the client machines are joined to the domain with different versions of Microsoft Windows. They are running the latest Zentyal Server version on a single physical server: Dell Core i7 OptiPlex 9020 tower with 8GB of memory and 1TB HD.

The main use of Zentyal is that of an office server. Thanks to its domain & directory and file sharing services, the IT staff can easily manage the users, groups and permissions and allow internal file sharing.

In addition, Zentyal also helps ASP to manage a number of basic network infrastructure services – such as DHCP/DNS, NTP, FTP and logs. Security-related aspects from proxy and firewall to VPNs are also managed by Zentyal.

The experience

Since Planalto Social Action started to use Zentyal Server, they have not faced problems, errors or situations in which it would have been necessary to restart the server. This is something that they were used to do with Windows Server frequently. They also find that Zentyal interacts perfectly with their Windows clients.

As the IT staff of ASP put it “Implementation of Zentyal Server in our institution was very smooth and easy to carry out. It adapted perfectly to our network and we didn´t find any issues that would have prevented the deployment. Since the implementation, we have seen a significant improvement in the operation of services such as file sharing or Internet access. We are delighted to be using Zentyal Server.

About Planalto Social Action

The Planalto Social Action (Ação Social do Planalto, ASP) is a non-profit association founded in 1963 in Brasilia DF (Brazil). Their mission is to promote social inclusion of young people living in critical situations. Each year the organization assists approximately 400 children and adolescents aged 7-17 years. Their activities are organized in agreement with the DF Department of Education. These include IT, sports, arts, theatre and music workshops and professional training in mechanics, graphic design, carpintery or cooking and baking, among others.

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