How-to: Zentyal as a stand-alone domain controller (Video tutorial)

Did you know that most of the people who contact us are interested in deploying Zentyal primarily as a stand-alone domain & directory server?

As Zentyal comes with a native implementation of the Microsoft Active Directory® protocols, it makes it easy to manage the domain and directory services typical to those of a Windows® domain that so many sysadmins are already familiar with.

Want to have a quick look? Zentyal Team has published a series of official video tutorials on Zentyal Server as a native replacement to Microsoft Active Directory (available in English and in Spanish). In this first tutorial you can see how to configure Zentyal as a stand-alone domain controller:

In this 7-minute video you will see how to configure Zentyal as a stand-alone domain controller. This means that Zentyal will be the first domain server of the organization and it will be used to manage users, groups and other resources of your domain. We will show how to create users, join a Windows client to the domain, log in with the created users and how to access shared resources.

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