New Zentyal Server release policy

The Zentyal Team is glad to announce the New Zentyal Server Release Policy. New versions of Zentyal Server Community Edition, including new features, improvements and bug fixing, will be released in three-month intervals – always based on the latest available version of Ubuntu Server. Thus, Zentyal Community Edition effectively becomes the technology laboratory where new features are first being deployed. When these new features are deemed to be stable, they will be integrated in the Commercial Editions via Service Packs.

This new procedure is designed to incorporate a more agile method of developing and testing new features. It also helps to reduce inconsistencies between different LTS versions, as Zentyal Server Community Edition will gradually upgrade to New Ubuntu standard released whenever available, offering improved consistency.

“The Community Edition has become our technology showcase, where users can enjoy – and contribute to – its development”, commented Julien Kerihuel, CTO at Zentyal. “Our new release strategy represents a major step forward for all Zentyal users by giving our Commercial Editions a wider life-cycle through the integration of fully tested functionalities”, adds Julien Kerihuel.

The Commercial Editions of Zentyal Server also undertake a change in its release policy, launching new editions every 24 months. Each new commercial release from Zentyal will also be based on the latest Ubuntu Server LTS (Long-Term Support) version, and will be periodically reinforced with Service Packs, that will keep the editions updated with new, Community-tested features, security patches and bug fixing, allowing Official Zentyal Partners to offer top quality, fully tested and reliable products to their customers. Under this new policy, all Zentyal Commercial Editions extend their life cycle, receiving technical support on critical security issues for 4 and a half years, and will benefit from security updates and bug fixing through private Zentyal repositories.

For more information on Zentyal’s new release policy, please visit You can watch Julien Kerihuel talk about the new Zentyal Release Policy during Zentyal Summit 2013.

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