Tutorial: Total migration from Windows Server to Zentyal – Transfer of FSMO roles (Video tutorial)

Once you have Zentyal Server joined as an additional domain controller to a Windows® Server, you can carry out a total migration. This is done by transferring all the FMSO roles from your Windows Server – that is the primary domain controller, to Zentyal.

Want to have a quick look on how this is done? Zentyal Team has published a series of official video tutorials on Zentyal Server as a native replacement to Microsoft Active Directory® (available in English and in Spanish). In this third tutorial you will see how to perform a total migration from Windows Server to Zentyal.

In this 4-minute video you will find out how to confirm that the owner of all the operations master roles is your Windows Server (prior to the migration), how to transfer the FMSO roles to Zentyal and how to confirm that the migration has completed successfully. Once you have completed this operation, Zentyal will become the main server and you have several options on how to continue, depending on the final scenario: you can shut down and disconnect your Windows Server, add additional Windows Servers or additional Zentyal Servers.

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