Zentyal 4.1 Changelog


  • Allow service certificate to specify that need the CA certificate
  • Fix problems with some translations on common name with non-ASCII chars
  • RevokeCertificate page redirects properly after save changes
  • Added new CA::Observer::certificateRevokeDone and call it after revoke
  • Fixed bug in generating certificate when openchange module is not installed
  • Added missing zip dependency
  • EBox::CA::checkCertificateFieldsCharacters is now a public method


  • Fixed rethrow silently to avoid constructor problems


  • Increase uwsgi read timeout from 60 (default) to 180 seconds
  • Remove deprecated Summarized report column in Logs page
  • Removed support for SSLv2 & SSLv3. Using recommended ciphers from: (contribution by theodorerambert)
  • Enable sending crash report with no debug mode
  • Manage correctly internal errors in data table controller
  • More robust management of administration user accounts
  • Fix not defined domain in log’s ConfigureLogs model
  • When unsubscribing remove extra packages before saving changes
  • Better check of versions numbers in backup restore
  • Make EBox::MyDBEngine more reusable
  • Show enable errors in module status table
  • Remove incorrect directory not exists warnings
  • Crash reports can be submitted also with global debug disabled
  • Save changes does redirection after 10 consecutive failed requests
  • Hide useless revoke button in OpenChange vdomains table


  • Avoid statement not recognized errors parsing ddns keys in leases file
  • TFTP service is now properly managed


  • Remove external AD integration
  • Escape TXT records in nsupdate commands
  • Update managed domain ip addresses on static interfaces change
  • Invalidate openchange VDomains model cache on added, modified and deleted rows operation in DomainTable model


  • Remove deprecated OpenChange notifications plugin in dovecot.conf
  • Remove external AD integration
  • Use always external mailfilter if configured instead of no longer maintained Zentyal mailfilter module
  • Revert acls changes in dovecot
  • Enable LDAP mailquota (contribution by googley)
  • Change separator in dovecot to make work shared folders in SOGo
  • Fixing mail forwarding loop error with some isp’s and fetchmail
  • Update OpenChange proxyAddresses attribute when setting mail account
  • In restore postpone recreation of mail directories until next save change
  • Fix log helper exception trying to retrieve vdomains from LDAP when samba module is disabled
  • Add link in mail vdomain model to openchange virtual domains settings
  • Allow to create group alias on empty groups
  • Removed no longer existent smtp_generic_maps


  • Remove multi-gateway functionality (balancing, failover, etc)
  • Remove support for PPPoE, bridged and bundled interfaces
  • Remove no longer maintained ddclient integration


  • Fixed bug when samba module is not installed


  • Remove deprecated notification service deps and daemon
  • Disable Vacations feature from SOGo webmail
  • Remove z-push support in favor of sogo-activesync
  • Disable SOGo login for user accounts without mail enabled
  • Enable password change from the SOGo webmail
  • Configure automatic refresh of SOGo webmail to 5 min
  • Change separator to match the one in dovecot config
  • Check if provision is possible before saving changes
  • Changes to allow provision as ADC
  • Improve doc for the conf key sodod_prefork
  • Fix error when removing the sogo database in deprovision
  • Improve config for Sogo, setting up WOWorkersCount to 3 from 1
  • Fixed unsaved changes precondition
  • Add Ubuntu standard document root to apache virtual servers
  • Fixed postinst script
  • sogod is now properly managed by zentyal-openchange
  • Restart sogod when sogo package is upgraded
  • Set RPC Proxy log level to debug only when debug is enabled
  • Updated vdomains model strings warning about HTTP usage
  • Fixed backup/restore
  • ActiveSync needs to have a HTTPS webmail enabled
  • Fixed regresion on save changes popup on deprovision
  • zentyal-sogo package removal management
  • Cache DomainTable DNS model in VDomains to avoid querying it in acquirers
  • Fix problems with some translations on CA name with non-ASCII chars
  • Disable HTTPS and SSL options for vdomain after certificate is revoked
  • When removing user delete its sogo database rows
  • Raise error on wizard when the user enter unsupported characters for the CA


  • Fix dashboard widget interfaces string to be coherent with settings one


  • Prevent administrator account expiration on provision
  • Remove no longer supported cloud synchronization
  • Remove no longer used External AD mode
  • Remove the limited GPO support from the Zentyal UI
  • Remove no longer supported antivirus integration
  • Remove deprecated OpenChange notifications settings in smb.conf
  • Added support for quotas on extra filesystems
  • Create roaming profile directory correctly when the samAccountName has any space
  • Added config keys to enable samba to listen only on internal interfaces
  • Better error when editing user with empty first or last name
  • Allow restore backup when samba is not provisioned
  • Set roaming profile for new users
  • Remove deprecated sids-to-hide file and associated methods
  • Fixed sort order of EBox::Samba::users method
  • Added waitForLDAPObject to EBox::Module::LDAP
  • Allow to manage Schema Admins group
  • Add ‘drs:max object sync’ parameter to avoid replication error after loading schemas
  • Increased default max log size to 100 MB
  • Backup and restore module’s kerberos service password file
  • Calling correctly to removeGroupShare from the CGI
  • Fixed external AD keytab generation
  • Enforce kerberos configuration in external AD mode
  • Fixed typo in EBox::LDAP::ExternalAD::externalServicesPrincipals
  • Added disable_uid_sync conf key to save resources when RSAT or ADC mode is not used
  • Migrate mailboxes when upgrading from Zentyal 3.2
  • SysvolSync daemon now synchronize deleted GPOs
  • Fix sysvol replication broken in some environments
  • Forbid backup restore if the server has not the correct hostname
  • Fix empty LDIF parsing loading DNS zones stored in LDB
  • Avoid notifying slaves while setting the password as it is does by addUser called below
  • Fix regression in showing the Administrator account
  • A change in first or last name make DN to change


  • Update installation slides
  • Make EBox::Software::listUpgradablePkgs recover form file corruption

Removed packages

  • ha
  • jabber
  • l2tp
  • squid
  • trafficshaping
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