Zentyal 4.2 Changelog


  • Added EBox::Config::flushConfigkeys


  • Set proper motd after edition name changes
  • Avoid XSS on search when entering JS code
  • Fix possible redis corruption when deleting data table rows with ids sharing the same prefix
  • Remove non-numeric value warning in data table size control
  • Added skip-lock-tables, quick and single-transaction parameters to mysqldump command when dumping databases
  • Added JS function Zentyal.escapeHTTPQuery
  • New commercial edition
  • Use POST method when submitting forms in AJAX requests
  • Added missing table-helper.js dependency to treeView template


  • Clarify error message in fixed addresses table
  • Fix regression in leases information in dashboard widget


  • Adapt apparmor profiles for Samba 4.3
  • Make service records accept ‘_’ prefix in their names


  • Log exceptions in _enforceServiceState as errors
  • Remove leftovers of bridged mode


  • Delete openchange attributes if mail account is deleted
  • Configuration for openchange notifications with dovecot plugin
  • Restore integration with zentyal-mailfilter

Outlook compatibility

  • Allow custom AuthPackage settings for autodiscover
  • Sharing request and invitation of folders among different Outlook versions
  • Automatic Outlook inbox refresh when receiving new emails
  • Fix bug with user names with non-alphanumerics characters
  • Folder deletion using cached mode
  • Index added on mapistore_indexing table of mysql
  • Support notifications when the username is different from mail address (e.g. user bob with [email protected] as his email)
  • Telephone and location fields are now shown in the Global Address List
  • Fix infinite loop when ndrdump is enabled
  • Openchange sessions are handled much better
  • Rpcproxy handles client disconnections better
  • Avoid race condition uploading changes which made new objects be missed
  • Avoid disconnections between rpcproxy and openchange
  • Openchangedb and indexing fix on mysql_affected_rows() affecting to provision
  • Use only one connection for all memcached connections
  • Out of office message supports non-ASCII characters
  • Crash fixes
  • File name and correct size in small sized attachments, and submit time are now sent by OpenChange client against OpenChange server
  • Added initial decoder for FastTransferBuffer blobs available using mapiproxy:ndrdump = yes
  • Fix provision using (>= 1.2.5) python-mysqldb library
  • Provision ActiveSync LDAP attribute on openchange_newuser
  • Add option to remove openchange user’s LDAP attributes (openchange_newuser –delete)
  • Option to enable all groups from an organization on openchange_group command (–enable-all-groups)
  • Support notifications when the username is a mail address
  • Open a shared calendar from address list in Outlook 2013
  • Send event invitation mails to several attendees, mixing internal and external recipients
  • Fix folder hierarchy synchronization issues on mailbox subfolders
  • Old mails are now synchronized after account cleanup
  • Deny the removal of a special folder
  • Reuse special folders if a new one is being created with the same name
  • No more Deleted Items (1)-like duplicated folders
  • Fixed creation of root folders on online mode and some special folders such as Sync Issues
  • Fixed Invalid bookmark error when clicking on All address lists entry in recipient selection dialog box
  • Fix cache issues when cleaning the user data
  • Address book working much better than before
  • Improvements over SyncImportReadStateChanges
  • Optimize the download of contents when you were in the middle of the first synchronization process in a business size mailbox
  • More records returned when searching for ambiguous names
  • Script improving initial time access and loading of a migrated IMAP mailbox in Outlook
  • Group mail addresses can be used as recipient in Outlook
  • Added ‘ActiveSync’ module constraint
  • Appointment update notification mails are now sent
  • Dates stored in metadata works along TimeZone updates which fixes several situations such as last modified date for a folder to be returned in the right timezone
  • Fix corner case that removes attachments on sending messages from Outlook
  • Fix double creation of folders in Outlook when the folder name starts with a digit
  • Avoid crashing Outlook after setting a custom view in a calendar folder
  • Event invitations working again
  • Fix creation of root folders with Chinese characters
  • Less sync issues when setting read flag
  • Attachments with no-latin filenames sent by Outlook are now received
  • Support attachments from more mail clients
  • Avoid conflicting message on saving a draft mail
  • Use right auth in multidomain environments in contacts and calendar from Outlook
  • Less conflicting messages in Outlook while moving messages between folders
  • Non-latin subfolder names are displayed correctly on Outlook
  • Fixed several sync issues on environments with multiple users
  • Folders from other users will no longer appear on your Outlook
  • Recurrent all day events are now shown properly in Outlook
  • Optional attendes on events are now shown properly
  • Event invitation response mails are now sent
  • Synchronize events, contacts and tasks in reverse chronological order


  • Tasks created in Outlook are now saved and shown in SOGo UI
  • Mail subfolders created in WebMail are created when Outlook synchronises
  • Mail root folder created in WebMail (same level INBOX) are created on Outlook logon
  • Added create-folder subcommand to sogo-tool to create contacts and calendar folders
  • Fixed display of whitelisted attendees in Preferences window on Firefox (#3285)
  • Start/end shifting by 1 hour due to timezone change on last Sunday of October 2015 (#3344)
  • Fixed localization of calendar categories with empty profile (#3295)
  • Fixed options availability in contextual menu of Contacts module (#3342)
  • Fix recurrence pattern event corner case created by Mozilla Thunderbird which made server crash
  • Freebusy on web interface works again in multidomain environments
  • EAS’s GetItemEstimate/ItemOperations now support fetching mails and empty folders
  • Fixed some rare cornercases in multidomain configurations
  • Properly escape folder after creation using EAS (#3237)
  • Fixed potential organizer highjacking when using EAS (#3131)
  • Properly support big characters in EAS and fix encoding QP EAS error for Outlook (#3082)
  • Properly encode id of DOM elements in Address Book module (#3239, #3245)
  • Fixed multi-domain support for sogo-tool backup/restore (#2600)
  • Fixed data ordering in events list of Calendar module (#3261)
  • Fixed data ordering in tasks list of Calendar module (#3267)
  • Fixed reading emails from another user with same uid but from a different domain
  • EAS reply fix when message/rfc822 parts are included in the original mail (#3153)
  • Fixed yet an other potential crash during freebusy lookups during timezone changes
  • Fixed display of freebusy information in event attendees editor during timezone changes
  • Fixed timezone of MSExchange freebusy information
  • Fixed a potential EAS error with multiple email priority flags
  • Fixed paragraphs margins in HTML messages (#3163)
  • Fixed regression when loading the inbox for the first time
  • Fixed serialization of the PreventInvitationsWhitelist settings
  • Fixed MD4 support (for NTLM password changes) with GNU TLS
  • Fixed edition of attachment URL in event/task editor
  • Fixed the EAS maximum response size being per-folder, and not global
  • Now set MeetingMessageType only for EAS 14.1
  • Now correctly handle external invitations using EAS
  • Now correctly handle multiple email addresses in the GAL over EAS (#3102)
  • Now handle very large amount of participants correctly (#3175)
  • Fix message bodies not shown on some EAS devices (#3173)
  • Avoid appending the domain unconditionally when SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID is set to YES
  • Improved EAS speed and memory usage, avoiding many IMAP LIST commands (#3294)
  • Improved EAS speed during initial syncing of large mailboxes (#3293)
  • Updated CKEditor to version 4.5.3
  • Improved EAS speed, especially when fetching big attachments
  • Now always enforce the organizer’s default identity in appointments
  • Improved the handling of default calendar categories/colors (#3200)
  • Added support for DeletesAsMoves over EAS
  • Improved multipart handling using EAS
  • Added Basque translation – thanks to Gorka Gonzalez
  • Updated Brazilian (Portuguese), Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Russian, and Spanish (Spain) translations
  • During login, we now extract the domain from the user to accelerate authentication requests on sources
  • Make sure sure email invitations can always be read by EAS clients
  • Now able to print event/task’s description (new components only) in the list view (#2881)
  • Now possible to log EAS commands using the SOGoEASDebugEnabled system defaults
  • Many improvements to EAS SmartReply/SmartForward commands
  • Now keep the BodyPreference for future EAS use and default to MIME if none set (#3146)


  • Added doc regarding expected format for learning
  • Removed size restriction regarding size of provided mbox for learning


  • Remove leftovers of bonding and bridged mode


  • Adapt apparmor profile for Samba 4.3


  • Fix typo for provision_ignore_already_exists that made the feature not work
  • Added memcached dependency
  • Added provision_ignore_already_exists configuration key to skip existent elements on provision
  • Added methods to remove OpenChange accounts attributes
  • Now groups can be provisioned for OpenChange
  • Configuration for openchange notifications with dovecot plugin
  • Bump version due to wrongly released package with no changes


  • Replaced deprecated tls-remote parameter by successor verify-x509-name
  • Corrected typo when referring to Second Nameserver
  • Fix wrong call to etherIface after PPPoE removal


  • Integrate Samba 4.3.1
  • Added setup-user script
  • Added GlusterFS as fs with acl and extended attributes by default
  • Corrected check for value of listen_all config key
  • Corrected name for default containers
  • Added EBox::LdapUserBase::objectInDefaultContainer
  • Added debug options to stub (commented)
  • Configuration for openchange notifications with dovecot plugin
  • Remove deprecated bridged mode condition
  • Add integration with zentyal-antivirus
  • Remove wrong Synchronization broken link in the menu


  • Escape parameters in calls to install/upgrade/remove packages CGIs
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