Zentyal 5.0 Changelog


  • Use SHA256 by default


  • Distribution base is now Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Use Clone instead of Clone::Fast
  • Some code adaptation to remove warnings with changes in Perl 5.2X
  • Remove deprecated ‘remoteservices’ internal module
  • Remove OpenChange crashes notifications in the dashboard
  • Get list of interfaces from /sys/class/net
  • Better management of webadmin reload using uwsgi master process
  • Avoid crash in manage-logs script with undefined mods
  • Fix error while visiting System -> General as root user
  • Fix empty lines in /etc/resolv.conf


  • Disable TFTP
  • Display unknown hostnames as ‘Unknown’ in leases widget instead of an empty string.


  • DNS updates now done via GSS-TSIG no longer require custom samba patch
  • Forbid use of loopback address as forwarder


  • Remove OpenChange integration as project is not stable yet
  • Use system daemons instead of old custom upstart ones
  • Update configuration to work with Postfix 3.1
  • Integration only with external mailfilter


  • Integrate objects and services modules inside network
  • Use Net::Interface instead of IO::Interface::Simple, which seems buggy with new interface naming
  • Fix regression in initial modules enable after last change


  • Use default systemd daemon instead of custom upstart one
  • Adapt apparmor profile for new Samba version


  • Adapt to systemd instead of upstart
  • Replaced deprecated tls-remote parameter by successor verify-x509-name
  • Corrected typo when referring to Second Nameserver


  • Integrate Samba 4.5
  • Remove perl bindings to use just samba upstream packages, current sysvol sync also deprecated, workaround at
  • Rsync_based_SysVol_replication_workaround this affects also ad-migrate script, currently it will not sync GPOs
  • Use winbind instead of sssd
  • DNS updates now done via GSS-TSIG no longer require custom samba patch
  • Remove deprecated scannedonly integration
  • Simplified internal ACL management
  • Adapt code to Perl 5.22
  • Add systemQuota object class when setting user quota
  • Added explicit check for full name in EBox::Samba::User::create
  • Remove external AD mode leftovers in menu when not configured


  • Use groupware metapackage instead of mail in installer
  • Include squid again in installer


  • New standalone sogo module independent from old openchange module
  • Integrate SOGo 3.2.1
  • Install memcached as dependency so SOGo can use it for caching


  • Adapt old squid module from 4.0 to Ubuntu 16.04
  • Remove no longer maintained Active Directory integration


  • Adapt old jabber module from 4.0 to Ubuntu 16.04

Removed packages

  • openchange
  • printers
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