Zentyal 5.1 Changelog


  • Safer management of systemd daemons enabled/disabled status
  • Use POST method when submitting forms in AJAX requests from dialogs
  • NetWrappers::list_ifaces() now ignores invalid ones like bonding_masters
  • Reimplement EBox::Validate::isIPInNetwork using NetAddr::IP
  • Add libpam-cap dependency to avoid warnings in auth.log
  • Avoid uninitialized comparison warnings in zentyal.log regarding EBox::Types::Service and EBox::Types::IPAddr
  • Pass action to HTMLSetter templates so they can have a different behavior for add and edit
  • Avoid errors when license file not exist in webadmin restart
  • Services stop working and activation is required after trial expired
  • Allow up to 12 dashboard widgets per section instead of 4
  • Forbid creation of local administrator user if exists in samba
  • Use EBox::Config::version for commercial repo URL
  • Simplify _readTheme code and remove unnecessary zentyal.log noise
  • Wait for redis-server ready in systemd service
  • Add activate-license script to enter license key via CLI
  • Avoid ‘/etc/localtime are the same file’ errors using symlink
  • New activation-pending mode prompting for valid trial code before login
  • Update external links in dashboard
  • Mask plaintext passwords in bug reports
  • Show already validated license key in Server Edition model
  • Handle error parsing license key in Server Edition model
  • Display commercial edition license info in Server Edition
  • Proper management of development/commercial repos
  • Show warning in header when license or trial is expired
  • Postinst script do not fail during upgrade from Zentyal 4.X
  • Allow restore of configuration backups from Zentyal 4.X
  • Provide transitional dummy package to zentyal-common
  • Force nginx restart when webadmin port is changed
  • Fix unknown column ‘password’ error with MySQL 5.7
  • Fix webadmin stop taking more than 1 minute in uwsgi systemd unit
  • Depend on patched libhtml-mason-perl to avoid $dir_path warning


  • Fix dashboard running state false negative
  • Remove deprecated purge-module script
  • Do not force execution of freshclam after restart as it takes a very long time to timeout when connection is not successful
  • On-Access Scanning for Commercial editions


  • Supress annoying vendor-class-identifier warnings in zentyal.log
  • Add TFTP functionality again
  • Support for options 150 and 155 in commercial editions


  • Avoid adding same IP addresses in different domains
  • Wait for 30 seconds instead of 5 for named listening
  • Make sure is used as resolver when launching nsupdate
  • Fix bind9-resolvconf regression in 16.04
  • Fix nsupdate REFUSED errors with reverse zones
  • Fix samba provision when netbios name and hostname are different


  • Adapt old ftp module from 3.4 to Ubuntu 16.04
  • Use winbind for PAM auth instead of krb5
  • Remove samba dependency


  • Adapt old ips module from 4.0 to Ubuntu 16.04
  • Update suricata conf stub with default values from Ubuntu 16.04
  • Improved daemon management and firewall integration
  • Use NFQUEUE=0 by default, overrideable with ips_nfqueue confkey
  • Remove deprecated logs consolidate and rules update code
  • Remove deprecated ‘Source’ field in rules table


  • Integration of ejabberd 17.04
  • Fix regression enabling STUN


  • Avoid Dashboard::Value errors in zentyal.log by adding missing use
  • Fix fetchmail daemon status in dashboard widget
  • Fix reading of attributes from LDAP backend
  • Revert unnecessary previous changes in
  • Explicit add of all virtual domains to mydestination in
  • Remove compatibility_level postfix warning setting accordingly
  • Add missing virtual_transport = dovecot in postfix
  • Definitive fix for fetchmail problems with custom systemd daemon, as default init.d script seems broken
  • Fix error when retrieve mail for external accounts is enabled


  • Auto-mark gateway as default when adding the only one
  • Optional ranges param added to Objects::Members::addresses()
  • Add ip_vti to list of ifaces_to_ignore by default
  • Fix brctl binary path
  • Fix regression populating bridges list on iface configuration
  • Fix failover-checker script
  • Make DHCP hooks less error-prone and remove warnings
  • Remove resolvconf workarounds in 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 now that proper fix is included in zentyal-dns 5.0.3
  • Avoid save changes error also for any iface not present in /etc/network/interfaces, for example trunk ifaces, this is a regression on ifup behavior on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Avoid errors also for ifdown when iface not present in file
  • Fix error on save changes after configuring iface as non set
  • Restore PPPoE, bridged mode, multigateway and failover from Zentyal 4.0
  • Restore bonding support from Zentyal 4.0
  • Migrate services and objects redis data when upgrading from 4.X
  • Provide transitional dummy packages for services and objects
  • Fix regression enforcing as nameserver in ADC mode
  • Make sure is always used as nameserver with zentyal-samba
  • Fix DHCP hooks


  • Use 2048 instead of 1024 for DH file


  • Domain is now a menu item instead of a folder with just one subitem
  • Add notice about GPO management in Domain section
  • Set homeDrive, homeDirectory and profilePath attributes after adding new users without need of explicit save change operation
  • Remove no longer required zentyal user ACLs on share paths
  • Comment field is now optional when adding a share
  • Explicit set of valid users write/read/admin lists for share security unless “unmanaged_acls = yes” is set in /etc/zentyal/samba.conf
  • Check domain functional level <= 2008 R2 before joining
  • Manage thumbnailPhotos from share in samba.conf and edit user UI in commercial editions
  • Do not allow to add OUs inside containers
  • Allow to execute ad-migrate directly
  • Disable expiration for Kerberos service accounts
  • Add ZFS support for Samba Shares
  • Remove manipulation or resolv.conf in standalone DC provision no longer required with the fix in zentyal-dns 5.0.3
  • Different resolv.conf manipulation in ADC depending if we are joining a Windows DC or a Zentyal one, always use when the provision is finished
  • Fix enable-quotas
  • Add proper template shell and homedir in smb.conf
  • Support for bridged mode in sambaInterfaces method
  • Fix setting of ACLs for ‘Domain Users’ group
  • Remove trigger that causes dpkg error on samba upgrade
  • Fix wrong management of resolv.conf during ADC provision
  • Fix provision when netbios name and hostname are different
  • Apply ACLs recursively on background instead of blocking save changes
  • Set noexpiry of administrator account only in DC mode, prevents error when user exists with a different name like “administrador”
  • Remove acl and user_xattr mount options related code as ext4 already has them enabled by default


  • New installation slides
  • Simplify auto-updater cron job (no fork, no pipe)
  • Avoid ugly reload error after save changes in Software -> Config


  • Integrate new SOGo 4.0
  • Add warning about ActiveSync mailbox recommended size
  • Allow to send mails using alias
  • Better default settings of performance tuning when using ActiveSync
  • Use IMAPS if IMAP is disabled in mail retrieval services
  • Users of non-default Organizational Units now work


  • Use IP ranges in squid and dansguardian conf for very significant increase of performance when restarting the module
  • Fix time period condition checking end minute
  • Fix regression in transparent proxy mode with filter
  • Fix dansguardian integration
  • Block HTTPS by domain using firewall module for commercial editions
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