Zentyal announces Zentyal Server 4.2

  • Zentyal releases a new version of their popular Linux Server with full native Microsoft® Outlook Compatibility.

Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce Zentyal Server 4.2, a new release of the Zentyal Open Source Linux email and groupware solution, natively compatible with Microsoft Outlook® clients.

The Zentyal 4.2 release focuses on providing an improved and stable server edition with native Microsoft® Exchange protocols implementation and Active Directory interoperability, with the goal of providing a complete and easy-to-use Small Business Server, with native support for mixed IT environments that include Windows®, Linux and Mac OS® clients, as well as mobile devices with ActiveSync®. Thanks to this, Zentyal server 4.2 offers full native Microsoft® Outlook Compatibility without plugins or connectors.

Besides focusing primarily on mail and mail-related directory features, additional improvements have also taken place. It  will  come  with  all  the  latest  updates  from  Ubuntu  14.04.3.  As  a starred  feature,  it  will  integrate  Samba 4.3.1,  with  lots of improvements for Active  Directory  services  and  support  for  Windows ® 8.1  and  the  newest  Windows®  10. The installer has been upgraded to support newer network interfaces.

Apart  from  that,  the  release  is  focused  on  bugfixing  and  improvements  for  the  Outlook-compatible  Mail  &  Groupware  Exchange replacement.

Zentyal Server 4.2. Technical features:

Mail & Groupware

  • Improved  stability  and  scalability
  • No  plugins  or  connectors  needed  client-side
  • Support  for  Microsoft®  Outlook  2007  and  2010
  • Server  settings  autodiscover
  • Autorefresh  and  desktop  notifications  (commercial  version  only)
  • Outlook®  Anywhere  HTTPS  access
  • Global  address  list
  • Out-of-Office
  • ActiveSync®  support  for  mobile  devices
  • Web  access:  mail,  calendars  and  contacts
  • Standard  mail  protocols:  IMAPS,  POP3S,  SMTPS, CalDav.


  • Samba 4.3.1 – AD compatible directory
  • Main and additional Domain Controller operation modes
  • Ability to join Windows® 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 functional level domains
  • Windows client support from Windows® XP to Windows® 10

To migrate from Zentyal 4.1 to 4.2, you only need to upgrade your 4.1 installation to the last available packages once they are released (few days after the release date) and a button will appear on the dashboard.


Zentyal Server 4.2 is released under the GPLv2 and is available for download at:

The Zentyal Server source code is available at:

Additional information

The detailed Zentyal Server 4.2 release announcement is available at:

Free 30-day Trial of Zentyal Server 4.2 is available upon request at:

Full list of Zentyal 4.2 features is available at:

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