Zentyal announces Zentyal Server 5.0, major new Linux Small Business Server release

Zentyal today announced Zentyal Server 5.0, a major new release of the Zentyal Linux Small Business Server. Amid the generalized push for cloud, small and medium business continue requiring on-site server solutions and with this release Zentyal responds to their needs, offering an easy to use all-in-one Linux server with native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory®.

Zentyal Server 5.0 is based on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and comes with the latest versions of all the integrated software. The single most important improvement Zentyal Server 5.0 introduces is the integration of the latest Samba version (Samba 4.5.1) directly from upstream. Due to the fast development of the Samba project, from this version onwards Zentyal will integrate the latest stable Samba packages available upstream. This allows quicker introduction of new Samba features, fixes and updates to Zentyal.

In addition, this version re-introduces the HTTP Proxy module and integrates the latest SOGo webmail version (3.2.1) that comes with new UI and improved ActiveSync implementation. Other important improvements include updates in Zentyal core to make it compatible with the changes in Ubuntu 16.04 (i.e. Systemd instead of Upstart for daemon management) and the possibility to install packages in Debian systems in the future.

Technical features

New features and improvements include:

  • New base distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 Long Term Support
  • Latest upstream version of Samba: Samba 4.5.1, including all the fixes since Samba 4.3
  • NSS/PAM is managed with winbind instead of sssd
  • Latest version of SOGo webmail: SOGo 3.2.1, including new UI and improved ActiveSync implementation
  • News HTTP Proxy module
  • Daemon management uses systemd instead of upstart

Full list of supported features is available at Zentyal Server Features


Zentyal Server 5.0 is released under the GPLv2 license and is freely available for download at:
Download Zentyal Linux Small Business Server

The Zentyal Server source code is available at:
Download Zentyal Server source code

Additional information

The detailed Zentyal 5.0 release announcement is available at:
Zentyal Server 5.0 Release Announcement

The full change log from Zentyal 4.2 to 5.0 is available at:
Zentyal Server 5.0 change log

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