Zentyal Labs, a space to inspire innovation

Is there anything more valuable for the growth of an innovative project than an inspired team? However, so that the inspiration can emerge, sometimes it is necessary to park the daily tasks for a moment and create the adequate conditions to let the creativity flow. It is in this spirit that we launch today Zentyal Labs, as a multidisciplinar creation point for Zentyal Team members.


Zentyal Labs is a space where Zentyal Team members can express their talent and engineering passion and share the processes and outcomes of their projects with the world. The topics are totally open to the author’s choice and the projects can take shape of new developments, contributions to existing software, articles and papers or technical recipes.

It seems clear that Zentyal Labs is not exactly a place for rules, but it still has a specific objective: to innovate in every possible way. In words of Julien Kerihuel, CTO of Zentyal, “Innovation is one of the most important factors in a project as ambitious as Zentyal. Some of the most important, exciting and world changing features will emerge from ZLabs.”

Zentyal Labs also offers Zentyal users a good opportunity to learn a bit more about who is behind Zentyal and what are things that make Zentyal Team to vibrate. Zentyal Labs will provide developers a channel to share, gather and index knowledge and resources on topics of interest, therefore making Zentyal Labs a knowledge base on various technologies and topics available for everyone.

The very first projects will be disclosed in the next few months. Now it is your turn: keep this link in your bookmarks, stay tuned on Zentyal news feed and spread the word when you see something interesting!

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