Yearly subscription

Your server always up to date
for a yearly payment



195 per server


495 per server


995 per server


2995 per server


S-Micro up to 25

S-Small up to 75

S-Medium up to 300

S-Enterprise Unlimited


S-Micro All

S-Small All

S-Medium All

S-Enterprise All

Software & security updates

S-Micro yes

S-Small yes

S-Medium yes

S-Enterprise yes

Upgrades to new versions

S-Micro yes

S-Small yes

S-Medium yes

S-Enterprise yes

Technical support

S-Micro 1 ticket

S-Small 3 tickets

S-Medium 5 tickets

S-Enterprise Unlimited


S-Micro 1 year

S-Small 1 year

S-Medium 1 year

S-Enterprise 1 year






Frequent questions about the yearly subscription

Who should purchase the Yearly Subscription?

Organizations and businesses that want to have their server always updated and on the latest version and in addition, want to count on Zentyal Support Team´s help when they need it.

Can I use my subscription on multiple servers?

No, you can use your subscription on a single server (virtual or physical).

Can I have my server always in the latest version?

Yes, the yearly subscription includes version upgrades until the end of the subscription period.

What happens when my subscription expires?

In the event that the subscription is not renewed and it expires, the server will stop working and you will lose access to all the services (including updates, upgrades and support portal). Remember that you can switch to perpetual license at any moment before the subscription expires.

When can I use the support tickets?

Anytime before the expiration date of the subscription. If you need additional tickets, you can change your subscription to one that includes more tickets or purchase single support tickets in our store.

Are there special prices for Education, Non-profit organizations or Public administration?

Yes, we offer special prices for public educational institutions, public administrations and non-profit organizations. Please contact the Sales Team ([email protected]) to learn more.

Can I change my subscription to a perpetual license?

Yes, you can change your subscription to a perpetual license at any moment before the expiration date by purchasing the corresponding license.

What is the support response time?

The maximum support response time depends on the type of subscription and the severity level of your incident established by the Support Team.

  Micro, Small y Medium Enterprise
S1 1 business day 4 business hours
S2 1 business day 4 business hours
S3 2 business days 1 business day
S4 2 business days 2 business days
Maximum response times on business days.
Severity levels: S1 = Critical, S2 = High, S3 = Normal, S4 = Low.

For all the details, please review the Zentyal Support Customer Guide.

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