Year: 2008

eBox 0.11.101 is out

The eBox development team proudly presents the lastest eBox platform release. 0.11.101 is a maintenance release that ships a bunch of bugfixes to polish and increase the stability of your favourite administration tool. We have also ported ebox-webserver to Ubuntu, a pretty simple module to manage an Apache server. With this module your users might […]

eBox 0.11.100 for Ubuntu Hardy is out

Hi fellow eBox users, We are glad to announce the release of eBox 0.11.100 for Ubuntu. This release provides the same functionality and modules as the Debian Sarge version. It is based on Ubuntu 8.04 which already ships some eBox 0.11.99 modules. 0.11.100 polishes some rough edges found in 0.11.99 and adds the following modules: […]

eBox 0.11.99 is out!

Hi fellow eBox users! Your favourite development team proudly presents eBox 0.11.99. As usual, this is our beta release before 0.12. This version fixes a lot of issues and bugs and also ships new features. We would like to highlight the new network traffic monitor based on jnettop which helps you diagnose network problems showing […]